About us


KimaldiGlobal is the global sales area of Kimaldi. In our strategic definition of growing we want to cover where our partners are located.
We are referent in market manufacturing and distributing access control products, Time&Attendance control, production and traceability.

Kimaldi, founded in 1998, manufactures and distributes access control and Time&Attendance terminals: biometrics, RFID readers and tags, NFC and card printers.

As manufacturers we are experts in electronics for identification and control. Our range stands out thanks to its high performance, quality and reliability.
Thanks to our experience, know-how, implication and commitment we offer a high degree of knowledge, advising our customers about the best solution to his needs. National manufacturing with high quality guaranteed.

We are also exclusive distributors of main trademarks for people’s identification, with which we have a close partnership relation, added value generating.
A wide range of products is offered with a presales and post sales advising through an expert team who follows the project and a qualified technical service.
We work with several identification technologies: fingerprint biometrics, facial 3D and vascular; RFID; NFC; smart card.

Our sales are exclusively through distributor channel with which we have a deep commitment.


We have a clear commitment value with our partners and distribution channel, being those our customer target.