Kimaldi begins its way in Russia

Kimaldi in Russia

Kimaldi is looking for new relations in the world. In this case, relationships with East Europe are more and more defined and we are already visible thanks to our Russian partner, Sprintex.

Kimaldi keeps on the research for quality and good service starting its way in Russia through a webpage

Sprintex, partner of Kimaldi in Russia has started a webpage with Kimaldi products. This action wants to reinforce our presence and visibility in east countries and open our export actions to new markets.

Kimaldi starts this way with Sprintex, manufacturer distributor of platic cards, blank cards, RFID and Smart Card.

At Kimaldi we are convinced that the quality care and the good service are the spearhead of a company that look for strength its bonds and establish new borders with the right experience.

We keep looking for partners in all countries around the world. Do you want to distribute good quality products with the best service? contact us!

Kimaldi has 15 years of experience in ID Systems field, security and control.

Kimaldi stands for quality and flexibility.

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