Light Emittin Sensor

It is a Polymer based sensor that emits light when fingerprint is contacted. It is designed for demanding environments where users are exposed to bright sunlight, dusty, dirty and dry conditions. There is also a function of fake fingerprint detection technology. Sensor block diagram What is light emitting sensor? It is polymer based sensor that […]

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Kimaldi in Russia

Kimaldi begins its way in Russia

Kimaldi is looking for new relations in the world. In this case, relationships with East Europe are more and more defined and we are already visible thanks to our Russian partner, Sprintex. Kimaldi keeps on the research for quality and good service starting its way in Russia through a webpage Sprintex, partner of Kimaldi […]

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TrustOne lider innovation company in the biometric acces control and time & attendance industry. Coming Soon the new Terminal TSG-250 for access control and time attendance (May 2014) Trust One TSG 250 is designed for demanding environments where users are exposed to dusty, dirty and dry conditions. The sleek, elegant design encompasses our market leading one […]

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TrustOne Global Technology

TrustOne Global fingerprint devices are equipped with a dual fingerprint sensor wich securely guarantees the safety from spoofing used by various materials of fake fingerprint. Its fingerprint search algorithm engine boasts the top speed in real environments. Superior Spoof Detection Fast Fingerprint Algorithm Engine Dual Fingerprint Sensor   Fingerprint sensor selector: TrustOne TSG products   

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