Biometric fingerprint terminal TrustOne TSG-750


Access and Time&Attendance control optimum for harsh environmental conditions. Face detection technology and door phone.

Biometric fingerprint terminal for Access control and Time&Attendance control TrustOne TSG-750.

TSG 750 performs even in bright sunlight, dusty, dirty and dry conditions. User authentication is fast and accurate with the highest level of spoofing detection.
Reliability, security accuracy, performance, speed and style in one easy to use affordable solution.

Includes door pone function thanks to its big 4,3” TFT Color LCD display and visual and voice interface based on IP.

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    1. Fake fingerprint detection
    2. Perform well in bright sunlight and harsh environmental conditions such as dusty, dirty and dry
    3. Scratch resistance
    4. 3 sensor options: optical sensor, double sensor (optical+AES 1711) o LES
    5. Easy installation using PoE and WiFi
    6. Standalone & Network connection (P2P, RS 485, TCP/IP, Wireless)
    7. 4.3” TFT LCD colour
    8. Door phone function
    9. Anti-pass back function
    10. Upload and download user’s logs through Micro SD
    11. Save logs through Micro SD
    12. Firmware update through Micro SD
    13. IP based video and audio interface
  • CPU: 32bit ARM
    Memory: 64M Flash, 64M RAM
    Display: 4.3  TFT Color LCD
    Optical sensor: 500dpi
    LE Sensor: Sensor LE link
    F/P Storage: 2K, 10K, 30K, 50K
    Log event: 50K Events
    Communication: TCP/IP, RS-485
    USB: SD memory card
    Relay: 2
    POE (Power of Ethement): Yes
    Wiegand Input: 26/34/37bit
    Wiegand Output: 26/34/37bit
    TTL Input: 4Port
    Size: 118Ⅹ163Ⅹ40(mm)
    Power: 12V
    Humidity: 20% ~ 80%
    Temperature: -10 ~ 60

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