Fingerprint reader Nitgen Hamster


USB desktop biometric reader ideal for informatic applications. Automatic activation system (Auto-on) and Live Finger Detection technology (LFD). 

Nitgen Fingerprint recognition Hamster is a fingerprint recognition device for computer security equipped with the fingerprint recognition module featuring its superior performance, accuracy, durability based on unique Nitgen fingerprint biometric technology.

It can be plugged into a computer separately with your mouse and it is very safe and convenient device for security instead of password that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember.

Nitgen fingerprint recognition Hamster has been designed by the most optimized designing technology for fingerprint recognition, so it has very robust against physical external impact, environment and static electricity.

Biometric reader Nitgen Hamster is featured with OPP06 optic with Live Finger Detection (LFD) tecnology for high security and Auto-on, sensor’s automatic activation.


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Fingerprint reader Nitgen Hamster



    1. Fast and perfect authentication through excellent algorithm. FAR: 0.001% FRR: 0.1%
    2. Automatic activation system (Auto-on)
    3. OPP06 optic with Live Finger Detection (LFD) technology
    4. Allows saving serial numbre in device for applications dongle for software licences
    5. Small and excellent design for users’ convenience
    6. With the robust durability, it has longer life span
    7. Supports USB and parallel interfaces
    8. The device is supplied with the security software eNDeSS
    9. Available new Java Software Development Kit (SDK) for Linux and Windows.
  • Software package (Security program for desktop PC) eNDSeSS:

    • Windows Logon: Windows Logon with fingerprint technology
    • Centralized access to users and system configuration
    • Screen saver: fingerprint identification for unlocking your PC
    • Folder En / Decription: protects user files and folders with fingerprint encryption
    • Event viewer: logon history and illegal logon attempts history

    Top biometric security with the fingerprint recognition on your PC, workstation or network

    SDK available for software developers, software functions to integrate the Hamster in you application easily

    Available new Java Software Development Kit (SDK) for Linux and Windows.

    • Security for computer and network
    • E-commerce
    • Security for banking and financial institutes and user authentication
    • Medical information system
    • Other fields requiring user authentication

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