High security Access Control, ATEX / IECEx certified.
Wide range of RFID readers with IP66 protection for people’ identification in explosive environments.

ATEX RFID readers range gives an accurate Access Control in very high security environments, such as explosive ones. These readers are ATEX and IECEX certified.

ATEX Certification
ATEX is a homologate protection for proximity readers used in high security environments. Thanks to this protection any kind of spark or trigger in RFID readers is protected and isolated from the environment, avoiding any kind of fortuitous accident.
The EX II 2 GD IP66 explosion-proof casing is well-suited to the chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries, among others.

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    • High security: supports the latest MIFARE® contactless technologies and their new data protection and security features. They use all the new and possible security algorithms of these chips: Crypto1, DES, TDES, AES, etc.
    • Card-based reader configuration: ATEX read-only devices can be configured using configuration cards. These cards are used to configure the settings for user cards with regard to security (such as key management) and operation (protocol, LEDs, etc.).
    • Multi-technology, evolutive: ATEX readers are compliant with ISO14443 type A & 3B, ISO18092 standards. They support simultaneously the NXP chips: MIFARE® Ultralight®, Classic (1ko, 4ko), Ultralight® C, MIFARE Plus® (S and X, 2ko and 4ko), DESFire® and DESFire® EV1 – As well as special products like NFC transactions.
      With this multiple standard reading capacity, the reader is ready to answer easily cases of building extension, security evolution or migration.
    • Firmware upgradable: The reader’s firmware can be upgraded on-site with the serial communication to benefit technological evolutions (read/write version).
    • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
    • Standards: ISO14443A, ISO14443-3B (PUPI), ISO18092
    • Chip: MIFARE® Ultralight®, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® Ultralight® C, MIFARE Plus® (S/X), MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE® DESFire® EV1, CPS3, NFC, Moneo, PicoPass®, iCLASS™ (depending on the reader)
    • Functions: CSN Read Only / Secure Read Only / Secure Plus / Secure Read/Write / Secure Read/Write –RemoteSecure / Pre-configured Read Only (depending on the reader)
    • Interface: TTL / RS-232 / RS-485 (depending on the reader)
    • Reading Distance: 0 – 5 cm
    • Power Supply: 5 – 24 VDC
    • Material: Aluminium alloy
    • Color: Blue
    • Dimensions: 270 x 310 x 180 mm
    • Operating Temperature: – 20°C / + 70°C
    • Storage temperature: – 20°C / + 70°C
    • Protection: IP 66

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