Suprema biometric terminals range

 Biometric and RFID terminals for Access Control and Time&Attendance. Design  and quality

Suprema BioLite Net, fingerprint biometrics

Access Control and Time&Attendance ideal for outdoor, with IP65 protection. 

  • IP65 protection and robust biometric terminal, ideal for outdoor installation and long durability
  • Fast and reliable fingerprint identification
  • Easy installation and connectivity: TCP/IP or RS-485
  • Easy operation and maintenance: integrated keyboard and RFID reader for multimodal user authentication (Fingerprint, PIN, Card)
  • LCD screen, color LED and multiple beeper sound
  • Smart and small design
  • Suprema Access Control Software Available

Suprema BioEntry Plus

Safe, fast and easy to manage access control with autonomous use or in network. Optionally model BioEntry W with IP65 protection.

  • Fingerprint biometric terminal  safe, fast and easy to manage through command
  • Fast and precise identification of fingerprints to access control
  • Easy installation and connectivity: TCP/IP, RS-485
  • Easy operation and maintenance: RFID reader for multimodal authentication of users (Fingerprint, card and fingerprint + card)
  • Intern Relay for direct connection with the lock
  • Searching and automatic synchronization of dispensers inside a network
  • Smart design of reduced size
  • Available Suprema software of access control


BioEntry Plus_front_400x250_logo

Suprema BioStation T2

Fingerprint biometrics for a touchable and face detection Access and Time&Attendance Control

  • Face detection technology
  • 5”touchscreen LCD with easy-to-use GUI
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Fast identification, 1:3.000 fingerprints per second
  • 1GB flash memory, stores up to 200.000 users and 1.000.000 logs (5.000 images)
  • Dual CPU System technology, high speed and reliability identification
  • Versatile interfaces: Wi Fi, TCP/IP, RS 232 – RS 485, Wiegand
  • Videophone, IP based video and audio interface or analog video phone
  • Optionally RFID woking: EM, Mifare, DESfire
  • Biometric terminal with 2 years of warranty
  • Available Suprema Access Controol Software


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